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About Mary Nyman

Mary Nyman

Mary Nyman

Mary Nyman

Mary Mallon Nyman was born in Chicago and she grew up in Clarksville, Tennessee. Educated in Paris, Washington D.C, and Massachusetts, she obtained her degrees in English literature and Art certification.

She began her teaching career in Malden MA, then married and moved to Wareham MA, to raise five children and continue teaching college and high school until her retirement in 1994.

Now she enjoys doing what she has wanted to do for 35 years and that is painting favorite areas of Maine and Cape Cod. In 2001 she added Provence and Tuscany to her list.

Also she enjoys writing and has had poems and articles published in various literary magazines. Author of “The Season’s Edge and other Poems· (1984), she has also written a textbook, published by J. Weston Walch in 1994. Her novel, “When the Leaves Fall,· concerns an at-risk teenager who survives because of the life saving decisions he makes.

Her latest ventures involve making art jewelry and writing a book of short stories for teens. “High School Stories” was published in April of 2010.

As for painting, it is through the excellent instruction of one teacher, Anne MacCrae Macleod that she has learned new ways of perceiving the world, where she continues to find much joy and challenge in interpreting the poetry of landscape.

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