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High School Stories (Short Takes from the Writers’ Club) has just been published.

These stories involve a number of issues that young people face and how they resolve them. Although a work of fiction, the situations are real, and they are based on experiences the author encountered as a teacher and a parent.

An Editor’s Choice selection, this book is available at Barnes and Noble and for $8.95

leavesfallWhen the Leaves Fall
When the Leaves Fall
is a fast paced action story about a high school junior who faces dangerous odds and overcomes them because of the choices he makes. Winner of a Mom’s Choice Award for 2008, this book is an important read for high school students who are often vulnerable in many situations.

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Teaching With “50 Great Short Stories: Vocabulary, Comprehension Tests, & Writing Activities

Utilizing a thematic and skills approach, the activities accompanying each story focus on objective questioning, vocabulary skills, and especially on values/attitudes examination. The essay questions are designed to get students thinking and writing about modern issues and how they compare to those in these classic stories. These exercises provide an excellent way to motivate high school students through lively discussion and serious writing. They are also designed to help the less enthusiastic learner.

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